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About Us

A Vision Born from Gaps in Collaboration

In the trenches of humanitarian and development work, we've seen the fractures in how organizations operate and communicate. The struggle to collect ground-level data and share insights became painfully evident. Many projects toiled tirelessly, yet their knowledge often remained locked away, untapped. A sense of isolation prevailed as organizations battled alone, and communities bore the cost of wasted resources and efforts.

From Isolation to Collaboration

Inspired by OCHA's 4W framework, we harnessed our on-field network to chart regions and gather vital information. Our mission: Break down barriers, pool resources, and open the door to collaboration. Together, we can amplify our social impact, leaving no one behind.

Join Us in Bridging Gaps, Building Impactful Alliances.

Our Purpose


To facilitate partnerships between different organisations


Help organisations improve their own internal efficiencies


Give visibility and accessibility to organisations working hard in the field

Our Vision


Build a community of 100,000 local social organisations to bridge the gaps of information between national and international levels of action.


We facilitate information sharing amongst organisations to make strategic data-driven decisions.
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