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Help communities in Uganda anticipate and mitigate flood risks!

Design and implement an early warning and early action strategy in Uganda.

Floods in Uganda.

Climate change is affecting Uganda through the worsening floods that happen on a yearly basis. These disasters are claiming the lives and livelihoods of local communities, which lead to more challenges such as economic consequences and forced migration. 

On floods in Uganda, the government and large international organizations have not done enough. External aid usually comes long after the disaster has happened, and not everyone will receive the same help. But what if we can empower local communities so they can mitigate the risks of floods themselves? What if we can build a culture of preparing before the disaster strikes so that casualties can be reduced?

We have developed a toolkit for any organisation to empower local communities in Uganda by designing and implementing an early warning and early action strategy. Feel free to find the toolkit by clicking on this link.


Community-led early warning and early action strategy

The toolkit that we provide will enable you as an organisation to design such a strategy that...


Is low-cost

The strategy requires as minimum funding as possible. For our prototype, the budget that was required was as little as €100


Strengthens local collaboration

Local stakeholders will be encouraged to actively plan and participate in the program. This allows them to be the owners of this strategy.


Maximises use of local resources

Leveraging on the abundance of resources that are available locally, this strategy will remain contextually-relevant.

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