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Data-preparedness Ecosystem

Data Analysts for disasters

Are you willing to put your expertise at the service of people affected by a disaster?

Unfortunately, the number of natural disasters as well as their impact is increasing, largely due to climate change.
When we talk about a natural disaster, every minute counts to save lives.

Therefore, we have created a pool of volunteers called “Disaster Analysts” (DA) who is ready to be “activated” in case of need (natural disaster or other) and provide remote support to the humanitarian assistance on the ground.

Activation process in case of disaster

The entire pool will receive an alert with the information available on the natural disaster and the data analysis work needed.
Roster members will declare their availability or not.
From among the available members, the ambassadors will select the candidates whose profile best fits the analysis required.
DA will run the data analysis with the information received directly from the other members of the Ecosystem and FD will coordinate these efforts.

Requirements for being DA:

  1. Training path fulfilled

  2. Being qualified

  3. Fluent in at least one of the following languages: english/french/spanish

  4. Share Fields Data’s principles of collaboration, transparency and efficiency

  5. Willing to volunteer to help people affected by disasters


During the time the DAs are not active/deployed, information on the status of the ecosystem will be retrieved by Fields Data.

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