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  • ¿Qué tipo de información recogemos?
    La primera información que recogemos es sobre la presencia operacional (intervenciones) de las organizaciones de impacto (ONGs, agencias multilaterales, academia, etc.) en un formato 3W (Quién hace Qué y Dónde) siguiendo el modelo de UN OCHA.
  • ¿Qué entendemos por intervenciones?
    No es un proyecto ni un programa. Es cualquier actividad que una organización lleva a cabo en una determinada localidad en un sector especifico [de actividad].
  • What kind of sectors have we used?
    We have used those sectors most commonly used by the humanitarian community thanks to the work of clusters/groups. We have subsequently adapted this information to the IATI standard.
  • What is it different from any other 3/4/5W database?
    The approach. Fields Data focus on local organisations, first responders to any emergency but far from the media spotlight and therefore disconnected from international donors.
  • What do we understand by local organisations?
    We follow the definition of NEAR (Network for Empowered Aid Response), a movement of Local and National Civil Society Organisations from the Global South. Their criteria are: Present in locations before, during, and after a crisis; Accountable to local laws; Accountable to communities where they are based; Are not internationally affiliated in terms of branding, governance, or financing (that results from that affiliation)
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