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• Current or recently graduated Masters student

• Social media management knowledge/ experience

• Motivation to work on societal issues and related causes

• Curiosity to learn from new approaches and deciphering challenging problems

• Creativity to experiment with different ideas 

• Good internet connection :)

Closing date: 26 June 2022

Position C1

Community Engagement


Social media presence Focussing on Linkedin and Facebook, increase the visibility and awareness of Fields Data’s actions and showcase local organisations work.

Community Help create an online community of engaged local organisations, who associate themselves with the vision of Fields Data.  They could also contribute in collecting data and/or provide analysis to help other organisations.

Data exchange channel Feed the Telegram channel with relevant information for members.

Narrative Enhance and develop further the narrative of Fields Data to adapt it to the different actors and audiences

Partnerships Identify opportunities and channel them to the Business development team to engage further

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