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Organizaciones locales

En esta página puede leer sobre nuestras organizaciones locales asociadas y las actividades que realizan en su plataforma. Haga clic en 'Leer más' para ver su perfil completo.

National NGO

Association Pour La Protection Des Droites Des Enfants Marginalisés (Aprodem Girizina)

Il s'agit d'une approche qui regroupe 15 a femmes vulnérables dans des groupements d'épargne et crédit (Village saving and loan association) dans le but de les appuyer en vue de les rendre autonomes économiquement a travers l'entraide et l'epargne-credit

National NGO

Bike Scouts

Bike Scouts is a social platform for doing good! We are a community that thrives on creating inspiring and positive stories from the good we do together to promote sustainability, bicycle mobility, and a shared and equal resilience. The Bike Scouts community works as a network of support for doing good and serves as the only continuously-operating Volunteer Bicycle Messenger service for disaster response, serving as the “last mile access” and a genuinely-local “first line of response” for communities.

National NGO

Rape Hurts Foundation (RHF)

RHF uses a holistic approach to serve and reach out to our target groups. Experience has shown us that Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery is caused while interlinked to economic dependency & household poverty, climate change in totality, illiteracy & poor education, unemployment or lack of opportunities and poor government structures & the corruption. RHF has created Safe Spaces, Platforms and Shelters for different Survivors of Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking & Sex Slavery.

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