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Data analytics

Collecting data is definitely important. However, even more crucial is to use the data to create insights. These insights could then be used to make strategic decision which could subsequently lead to higher impact. We help organisations move from RAW DATA - INSIGHTS - ACTIONS  to IMPACT

We can help you with:

  • Collection:
    With our bottom-up approach, we create networks on the ground. Before starting with the data collection, we scan various online public sources to look for pre-existing work. This helps prevent duplication. We then combine the online information with the data collected from the fields with the help of local organisations.
    We currently have operations in Burundi, Uganda, India and the Philippines. However, with our operational framework, we estimate that we can start collaborating with local organisations of most of the countries in about 3 months

  • Analysis:
    As per Forrester - 'On average, between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics'.  From our experience, we believe the same happens in our sector as well. We help organisations makes sense of the data they collect. Not only do we help organise and analyse, we try to create systems that an organisation will then be able to take care of by themselves.

  • Visualisations:
    And finally, once the data is analysed, the visual representation lays the foundation of telling your story through data. Here we take a human-centered approach to meet the audience, where they are present. e.g. a fancy dashboard with a lot of information, may not meet the needs, if your audience is a not-so-tech-savy person with a basic smart phone. Maybe a PDF file with the key insights mentioned in text, might be a better option. Similarly, if you would like to create dashboards to share information with other organisations or help your team take data-driven decisions then a more robust tool like Power BI or Tableau would be a better option.

Our collaborations

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